Basic Transition and Employment Management

  • 4 and 1⁄2 day course
  • Bulk rate course costs = $22,330 for a maximum of 27 participants
  • Individual class rate = $1,500 per participant
  • $30 material cost for each participant over 24 participants
  • Online BTEM course – this course format is eight weeks in length and can host a maximum of 15 participants. Cost = $22,330

Participants gain the following:

  • Understanding and knowledge of the role of the Department of Labor (DOL), DoD, & VA in relation to the Transition GPS process
  • Knowledge and skills necessary to conduct a general assessment on a customer preparing for a career change, using the MOC Crosswalk template
  • Knowledge and skills necessary for conducting vocational exploration for customers
  • Knowledge and skills necessary to assist a customer with a job search using various mediums such as web-based, job fairs, networking, etc.
  • Knowledge and skills in order to prepare and conduct proactive Transition and Employment focused workshops.
  • Knowledge and understanding of resume preparation, salary negotiations, and job retention.
  • Knowledge and understanding of how to articulate/translate volunteer skills to marketable job skills for customers.